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Audio Cable Special Offer List

This page is special offer of Audio Cable.

If you are interested in the items,never hesitate to contact us.



Update : 2014-06-07 8:53 EDT


Type Brand Product Price
XLR Cable ACOUSTIC REVIVE XLR-1.0PA MK2/1.0m $1,004.89
Speaker Cable ACOUSTIC REVIVE SPC-1.0 PA $1,518.08
Speaker Cable Acoustic Zen HOLOGRAM2/2.4m $1,206.40
Speaker Cable Acoustic Zen HOLOGRAM2/8+9.5FT $1,988.28
RCA Cable ACROLINK 7ND5000RCA/1.0M $964.59
XLR Cable ACROLINK 7ND5000/XLR1.0m $1,117.20
Power Cable ACROLINK 6N-PC6100/2.0m $1,262.29
Speaker Cable AET HIN SP EVO 5.0m $1,031.76
Digital Cable AET SIN DIGITAL75/RCA1.2 $1,273.58
XLR Cable AREGENTO AUDIO Serenity SE-1.5XLR $1,867.37
XLR Cable AREGENTO AUDIO Serenity/XLR1.0m $1,047.88
Speaker Cable AREGENTO AUDIO SERENITY/1.5 $2,660.00
XLR Cable CARDAS Cross/XLR3.0m $1,273.58
XLR Cable CARDAS Golden Presence/XLR1.0m $937.72
Speaker Cable CARDAS Cross/SPK5.0m $1,450.91
RCA Cable CHORD INDIGOPLUS/RCA1.0m $2,082.32
XLR Cable CHORD ANTHEM reference/XLR1m $1,015.64
BNC Cable ESOTERIC 8N-A2000 BNC/1.5 $738.89
RCA Cable ESOTERIC 7N-DA2100 MEXCEL RCA $1,692.73
RCA Cable ESOTERIC 7N-DA6100 MEXCEL /RCA1.0 $3,423.07
RCA Cable ESOTERIC 8N-A2000/1.0m $1,044.65
RCADigital Cable ESOTERIC 7N-DA6000 MEXCEL RCA Digital Cable $1,102.69
Audio Cable ESOTERIC 7N-A2500ⅡMEXCEL /RCA1.0m $3,304.85
Audio Cable ESOTERIC 7N-A2500ⅡMEXCEL /XLR1.0m $3,089.90
Audio Cable ESOTERIC 7N-DA3300 MEXCEL/XLR1.0m $2,633.13
Digital Cable ESOTERIC 7N-DA3100MEXCEL/BNC1.0m $1,117.20
Digital Cable ESOTERIC 7N-DA5100 MEXCEL BNC $1,125.80
Digital Cable ESOTERIC 7N-DA6100Ⅱ/BNC1.0m $2,539.09
Power Cable ESOTERIC 6N-PC5300/1.5m $843.68
Power Cable ESOTERIC 7N-PC5500/1.5m $1,300.44
Power Cable ESOTERIC 7N-PC7100 1.5m $1,450.91
Power Cable ESOTERIC 7N-PC7300 1.5m $1,853.94
Power Cable ESOTERIC 7N-PC7500/1.5m $2,089.04
Power Cable ESOTERIC 7N-PC9500MEXCEL/1.5 $3,355.90
Speaker Cable FURUTECH SpeakerFlux/2.0 $1,741.09
Power Cable FURUTECH Power Reference III (1.8m) $870.55
Power Cable FURUTECH PowerReference3/1.8 $870.55
RCA Cable GOLDMUND LINEAL IC / RCA 0.9m $1,112.36
Digital Cable GOLDMUND LINEAL DI CABLE/1.5 $695.90
Digital Cable GOLDMUND LINEAL DIGITAL/4.0 $895.41
Speaker Cable HARMONIC TECHNOLOGY Pro-9 Reference/BW5.4m $2,736.00
Speaker Cable Hi Diamond Diamond7 SP/2.5m $1,240.88
Digital Cable ilungo animato-1 1.0m $873.23
RCA Cable JORMA DESIGN NO3 RCA/1.0m $870.55
Speaker Cable JORMA DESIGN NO1 SPKS/1.5m $4,137.78
Speaker Cable KIMBER KABLE MONOCLE-XL/2.5M $1,690.04
Speaker Cable LABORATRIUM Yter/SP5.0m $1,585.25
Power Cable MISTRAL Clearift Power/1.8m $779.19
Power Cable MISTRAL Clearift Power/2.4m $986.62
Speaker Cable MIT MH750 Shotgun/BW2.4 $1,072.06
RCA Cable NORDOST FREY 2/RCA2.0m $2,152.87
RCA Cable NORDOST FREY(フレイ)2.5 $1,609.43
XLR Cable NORDOST FREY 2/XLR2.0m $2,152.87
Speaker Cable NVS SOUND CABLE FD/SP3.0m $964.51
Super Tweeter Cable NVS SOUND CABLE COPPER2/ST1.5m $1,827.07
XLR Cable PAD HDI/1.0m $681.93
XLR Cable PAD ISTARU/XLR2.5 $1,296.15
Speaker Cable PAD IFA/SPKB2.0m $1,768.73
Speaker Cable PAD ISTARU/BW1.5m $1,227.05
Speaker Cable PAD ISTARU/SP5.0m $1,808.26
Digital Cable PAD DIGITAL TANTUS RCA / 1.0m $1,340.75
RCA Cable PAD 20THAQUEOUS/1.0m $1,102.69
Speaker Cable Shunyata Research ANDROMEDA 2.0M $2,321.45
XLR Cable STEALTH SWIFT/XLR1.0m $1,351.41
Speaker Cable STEALTH HYBRID MLT SPK/1.5m $1,741.09
Speaker Cable SUPRA SUPRASWORD/BB2.5 $695.90
Digital Cable TechDAS Super Linear DI/1.0 $783.49
Digital Cable TRANSPARENT RDL1/1.0M $1,112.36
HDMI Cable WIREWORLD PSH/2.0m $870.55
HDMI Cable WIREWORLD PSH/5.0m $1,988.28
HDMI Cable WIREWORLD SSH5-2/5.0m $826.33
RCA Cable WIREWORLD GEI31.0m $937.72
RCA Cable WIREWORLD GEI5/RCA1.0m $1,206.40
RCA Cable WIREWORLD GEI6/RCA1.0m $1,102.69
RCA Cable WIREWORLD GEI6/RCA1.5m $1,571.82
XLR Cable WIREWORLD BPI BAL/0.5m $1,340.75
XLR Cable WIREWORLD BPI BAL/1.0m $2,012.46
XLR Cable WIREWORLD GBI 6 BAL/1.0m $1,102.69
XLR Cable WIREWORLD GBI5 MK2/0.5M $870.55
XLR Cable WIREWORLD GBI5-2/XLR1.0m $1,878.12
XLR Cable WIREWORLD GBI5/XLR1.0m $1,340.75
Speaker Cable WIREWORLD ECB5MK2/2.0M $1,437.47
Speaker Cable WIREWORLD SES5-2/2.0m $1,627.79
Power Cable ZONOTONE 7NPS5050GRANDIO/1.5m $803.37
Power Cable Nihon Audio PW-7700/1.8 $725.45


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