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Japan Reservation Service

Japan Reservation Service

By now we offer only room through Airbnb. 

From now we offer really exciting experience in Japan.


In Japan there are many many attractive events,but you cannot enjoy them because of the difficulty of the reservation.

So we make a reservation for you. 

1.Osaka Helicopter Cruise

【大阪市内 貸切ヘリクルーズ】 デートやサプライズプレゼントにおすすめ 6種類のコース(4分~30分)より選べます!! 



・USJ Plan(4minutesminutes Start time:15:00~18:40) 17,000JPY
 Heli Port~USJ~Heli Port

・Bay Side Plan(7minutes Start time:15:00~18:40) 27,000JPY
 Heli Port~Osaka South Port ~Kaiyukan~USJ~Heli Port 

・Down town Plan(10minutes Start time:15:00~18:40) 38,000JPY
 Heli Port~Osaka Dome~Namba~Shinsaibasi~Nakanoshima~USJ~Heli Port

・Charter15(15minutes Start time:15:00~18:40) 50,000JPY
 Heli Port~Any place you like~Heli Port

・Charter 20(20minutes Start time:15:00~18:30) 65,000JPY
 Heli Port~Any place you like~Heli Port

・Charter30(30minutes Start time:15:00~18:20)95,000JPY
 Heli Port~Any place you like~Heli Port