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Max Bid Depsit System

We start NEW Service just soon.

You can get Japanese Item

From Japan Domestic Auction.


Popular items on Japan Domestic Auction (including Yahoo Japan Auction) are sold just soon 
and it is hard to get them out side Japan.
The reason is : Auction period is too short for foreign buyers. So you can get them with our
our MBDS.

 Our service is featured by MBDS. 1. You want some Japanese items.
2. You find them on Yahoo Japan Auction by yourself.
* If you cannot find them by yourself, what you should do?
* Don’t worry, we have good service for you. [See here]
3. For example, you want to get the item on Yahoo Japan Auction at 10,000 yen or below. That means your Max Bid is 10,000 yen.
4. Then please send us the information of the item and send us 12,000 yen (Our service fee 20% of Max Bid)
5. We will bid for you by 10,000 yen.
6. If you win the auction at 6,000 yen, your surplus is 12,000 ? 7,200 = 4,800 yen.
7. When you win the auction at 6,000 yen. Our service fee is 20% of 6,000 yen, that is ,1,200 yen.
8. Then we send the 6,000 yen to the seller.
9. After confirming the payment, the seller send the item to packing & shipping service company.
10. The packing & shipping service company send me the invoice of shipping service.
11. And I will send you that invoice directly.
12. If shipping cost is 1,800 yen, your surplus changes 4,800 yen into 3,000 yen.

I hope this is very simple & easy system

Any question & request is always welcome.
Thank you very much